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Thursday, May 10, 2012

It was a long MONTH yesterday

Some days feel like they never stop. 
They go on and on and you do not get a break, a rest, a respite from the next onslaught. 
Yesterday was like that. The hits just kept on coming.

Joe never really went to sleep and around three o' clock he was in severe neck pain. 
He had been treated for similar but far less severe pain two weeks before at our groups weekend office. He could not turn or pick up his head off the pillow.

Our doctor and friend (I was once her nurse at the University) is careful 
and sent him for spinal and cervical X-Rays and a carotid doppler study yesterday afternoon. We got home extremely late and oh so tired. It may well be muscle strain but he has had symptoms for a long time and jaw swelling.  A blocked carotid artery would not be good.

He is medicated and resting now. 
 I convinced him not to go back to work until Monday. 
The test results will be back Friday or Monday.

In the midst of all that CC had college summer school issues of huge proportions.
 She had a good old fashioned hissy fit too. If I were a drinking person I could of been doing just that in the early morning. But pray I did and we made it through the month, the day. I had legal documents to scan and email. Our scanner is broke and they had to be sent. We got that done at 8 PM at our  neighbors house.

Thank the Sweet Lord that today is sparkly shiny new day. 
It cannot be a MONTH long too.

Today CC and I travel to our old house, for a day trip, to collect some medications for Joe.
 Shelley, Clovis and Joe will rest at the yellow house. 
Our dear friend and neighbor, Fancy, will look in on Joe for me.

I wish all of you a SPLENDID day.

joy and peace


  1. We had a scanner, but they were no longer supporting or updating the drivers for it so we got rid of it. I now just use a camera and take a digital shot of documents and then e-mail the photo of the document. Works great!

  2. Oh, I am so sorry for Joe. I will pray for a quick recovery - I can't imagine the pain.

    I hope CC's fits are something that pass and don't leave her in a foul mood. C, my oldest, tends to hang on to bad moods. :)

  3. Hope you hubby feels better soon and it isn't anything serious. When it rains it pours......hoping for better days for you soon.

  4. Hope Joe is soon feeling much better, and that it is just a muscle problem. Joe has good companions to keep him company whilst you and CC are away. Fingers crossed for good news.

  5. Olive, I am hoping for a much better day for you today and Joe's tests show nothing seriously wrong.
    xoxo Barb

  6. Sorry Joe is hurting, I sure hope it is just a muscle strain. Be careful on your travels. Shelley is just too cute!

  7. I do hope he is Ok soon and that it is muscular...not more serious. Have a much better day today!

  8. I hope your husband starts to get better and the test results don't show anything bad! I know how stressful that can be not knowing what is wrong and being in chronic pain. I deal with inflammation problems every now and then that I see a rhumetologist for, so I can relate to muscle pain and lots of tests etc. At least we're having pretty weather now! You're fortunate to have nice neighbors to help you out too.

  9. My prayers are with you!!! I know those months OH SO WELL!!!
    Your pup is gorgeous and looks like he's READY TO SPRING into action too. A real handful at that SWEET SWEET age, That's why God made them SO DARN CUTE, so we could SMILE at their chaos...
    Hope better relaxing days will follow...
    Big Squishy Hugs to you,

  10. Oh Olive, I'm so sorry to hear all this. You and Joe will be in my thoughts and prayers and I'm sending you lots of love and a big old bloggy hug!

  11. You guys are in my prayers, I know you're taking good care of Joe. Good thing we get to start over each morning, huh? hug-hug

  12. Olive, Hope Joe will be doing better soon. Sending good thoughts.


  13. I'll join the others in praying for Joe too ~ we need our hubbies healthy and happy! xo

    P.S. Everyone should have a neighbor named Fancy (:

  14. Dear Olive,
    I am so sorry to hear of all your troubles.....I do hope that Joe's tests come back with good news and that all is well. I know that Joe knows how lucky he is to have you there to look after him.....and I hope that CC sorts everything out too.
    Look after yourself too dear Olive, and take care. Much love and am thinking of you. XXXX

  15. Oh I hope Joe is better soon. Your house sounds like ours. Yesterday was a stressful day around here and I am hoping for an uneventful weekend.

  16. Olive, I hope Joe is feeling better soon and that it turns out to be just a muscle problem.
    I will hold good thoughts for him. You certainly did have a long month yesterday. I know Shelley and Clovis will keep Joe company while you and CC are out. I hope today is a much better day for you.

  17. OH, I know those kind of days...almost knock you down, but you're still standing...thank goodness for fresh new days! I hope Joe will be feeling better soon! Hope you can do something fun today, even for just a little bit! That last photo is gorgeous! XO

  18. Oh dear, poor Joe. That sounds horrible painful. Hope he's on the mend soon

  19. Hi Olive. So sorry to hear that Joe has been in so much pain. I pray that all will be well and that they can get things sorted out for him. Those photos were stunning today. I loved the colours of the flower (lily?) in the last photo. Let's hope you don't get many days like that my friend.

  20. Olive, so sorry to hear that Joe has been in such pain. Hope those test results help figure out what's going on. Very stressful and I can relate to the endless day feeling. Stress is incredibly tiring, so take care of yourself too. Putting Joe (and the fam) into my prayer list. Ann

  21. Olive, So sorry to hear of your looong day. I have had those too. I'll pray for your Joe and CC too. I just got home from the store and prayed all the way home for my g.son. He wants a small job that isn't food related. Scarce as hen's teeth. Smiles, Susie

  22. Olive,
    I do hope Joe is getting relief. Mister suffers from back issues, and back and neck issues are so painful! Prayers for his relief.
    Shelley is adorable as always, and Clovis dashing.
    I think I had kind of a day like yours yesterday (Chickie's hissy fit and others) I was exhausted at the end of the day.
    God bless you, Joe, CC. And Shelley and Clovis.

  23. Oh sorry you had such a long bad day...I know how those are. I pray that Joe gets better real soon and that it's nothing too serious. I hope today turns out well for you and your family!

  24. Oh dear, your beautiful images cleverly disguise your very bad day! I hope that all of the test results come back with good news and that life calms down long enough for you to enjoy your Mother's Day!


  25. What a crummy day. Such pretty photos to accompany your post though! Hope Joe's carotid test comes back OK. He's got to be a little nervous about it.

  26. Your portraits are little bits of perfection, aren't they. May the rest of the month be that, too.

  27. Sounds like a lot going on right now-go easy and take care:@)

  28. Olive, your life sounds very stressful. Take care of yourself. Will keep you and Joe in my thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  29. I am so sorry to hear about Joe..I hope he is feeling better and the test results show nothing serious...
    your puppy is adorable and the daylily is beautiful.....just like you.. :-)

    does your pup have border collie in him? they are so easy to train if he does...
    hope all is better with CC too...


  30. I will be keeping both you and Joe in my prayers. Take good care of yourself too.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  31. So glad that looong
    day ended well for

    I love the name Fancy.

    xo Suzanne


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