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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Broke My Blog , Please Help

I was fiddling with Olive Out yesterday afternoon and most of my sidebar disappeared.
It is gone, gone, gone.

Whilst I rant here is a gardenia from our hedge after a rain.

If you have not noticed I have been accepted to the BlogHer publishing network and now have an ad on my blog. It is absolutely true they accept blogs big and small as I am very small. I am honored they accepted this blog. Why did I go this way? I have a daughter in an extremely expensive college and I can use the money. It would have been ideal if I could have returned to work part time as an RN but my health has prevented that. So now I do what I can where I can and this is another avenue of revenue that I can essentially do from home. I also buy and resell vintage and more modern objects. 

It was while I was moving an ad around on the blog yesterday that my sidebar went bye bye. If any of you have any suggestions please let me know. I have sent an email to Blogher asking for help. When I go into the layout part of the blog it appears as if the sidebar is still there. 
That means I cannot add my gadgets back.

This week has heated up here at the yellow house suddenly. Joe's brother Bob and his wife Sue had a flood at their house and are having their hardwood floors replaced. They will arrive here this afternoon and are always welcome. Sue and I are thrifting buddies. On Friday night we are hosting our small group from True North Church for supper on the deck. That could be as many as fourteen people. I have not decided on the menu yet. It is getting crazy but Psalm 23 in The Message Bible
 reminded me this morning that my cup brims with blessing.

If you have any ideas about the sidebar please leave me a comment.
 I would really appreciate the help.

joy and peace



  1. It looks like part of your sidebar is not under the BlogHer ad but over to the right. I have a laptop, so I'm not looking on a big screen. Could it have to do with your margin for your sidebar? Try narrowing the margin and see if everything reappears. If you need help, email me. I could try to go into your layout and see if I could fix it.


  2. Sorry I can't help with your blog problem dear, I've had troubles of my own...sigh... They're fine when they're going fine then suddenly..wham. What happened. I didn't touch anything. I'm sure everyone knows that feeling.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    June xx

  3. I can see a few characters on the right side bar. It looks like the blogger ad pushed your stuff over to the far right. You may need to change your template width. ?? this is a guess, and not an expert opinion (:

  4. You will love Blogher. I hear you on the expensive tuition thing.

  5. I don't have BlogHer ads so I'm no expert about them, but like Claudia suggested above, go in and play with your margin/blog width settings. Also try moving the gadgets around and see if that helps. Sorry I can't be of more help. I would just have to go into your layout and take a look see. Give a holler if you want.

  6. I too know nothing. In fact, I had to try to get my laptop working right since a day ago. I am on a laptop right now and can also see what others are seeing. In fact, since my laptop is so sensitive to touch, I accidentally hit on the Kia ad.
    To hell with a pool boy. I am now wishing for a member of the GEEK squad!

  7. I don't see your side bar, and hope you get it fixed.

  8. Consider your self fortunate....they would not take my blog. I tried 3 times...they said it was fine but nope, they still won't take me!
    Sorry about your sidebar. You will probably have to reenter everything....

  9. No ideas about the sidebar, BUT the nursing, amen! Monday = 13hrs Tues= 15 hrs! I am pooped today and so much to do! Ann RN!

  10. I see all kinds of things on the right sidebar. Blog Her is first but there are lots of other things.

  11. looks like it's all back to me. This same thing happened to me when I was fiddling with one of the ads. I had to work at it all day, but it finally came back. not without my having pulled at wads of hair, tho!!

  12. Hi Olive, I have been wanting to add ads to my blog, but have no idea how to do it. I was wondering if you would mind how I go about contacting BlogHer?
    I didn't know you were an RN. I LOVE nurses!!! They are the BEST caregivers when you need help!
    love to you...

  13. Sorry you are having problems. Hope they are fixed.

    Have a great rest of your week.


  14. Have a wonderful dinner tonight (you're probably eating already as I type this). Glad your blog is fixed!


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