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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

~funeral basket freak~

CC and I are traveling on a long sleepy rural South Carolina highway today. 
Here is an image from the deck for your viewing enjoyment. 
Another funeral basket. I am funeral basket freak...I know it. 
This makes funeral basket number six...I think. All thrifty finds.

We will be in Greenville, S.C. all day getting the Mini Cooper serviced. 
While there we will visit the Pottery Barn store. 
I rarely purchase an item but enjoy looking immensely.

Joe's MRI revealed that he does not require neck surgery at this time
 and we thank God. Whatever the outcome His mercies are new every day. 
Joe will be treated with medication for now. 
We thank all of you for your prayers and thoughts.

joy and peace


  1. So glad to hear that Joe doesn't need surgery. I love funeral baskets, too - but I only have one!


  2. I'm very glad Joe doesn't need surgery for both his sake and yours.

  3. I'm glad to hear Joe doesn't need neck surgery. I love the purple flowers in the white funeral basket.

  4. Hooray for good news! Now you can fully enjoy that road trip with CC. Have fun!


  5. That is wonderful news about Joe not needing surgery! I hope you are feeling better too and enjoying your road trip with CC. It's always good to get away for the day, even if to have the car serviced.

  6. Thanks for the news about Joe. I love seeing those baskets lined along porches, spilling with flowers.

  7. It' me! Hurray!

    I've never heard of a funeral basket, but I guess it's self explanatory.

    I'm so happy about Joe. You are all breathing a sigh of relief I'm sure. Have a fun road trip with CC!


  8. Great news about Joe's neck! I went to an antique show a few days after my last funeral basket/ghost rant and I was this close to buying one! Have fun at the Pottery Barn store.

  9. What wonderful news about Joe! That is such a blessing! You are great at finding funeral baskets, Miss Olive!!! Enjoy looking around at Pottery Barn~

  10. Good news for you and Joe.
    The basket looks nice. So good to see them recycled and not just thrown away.

  11. Yay for Joe!!!

    Your day sounds perfect.
    Enjoy that time with CC!

    I'm with you about PB.
    I like them for inspiration,
    but I love "real" stuff, not
    knock offs....

    Happy Day,
    xo Suzanne

  12. I had a very large metal funeral basket , that I thought was so cool I bought it at an old florist going out of business and it was up in the attic of the store. I bought it for 50 cents . It was 100 degrees in that attic but I bought so many cool vintage items

    glad Joe doesn't need a funeral basket LOL

  13. Olive, have a great trip with your daughter. So glad to hear that the MRI scan was good news.

  14. Great news about hubby. I love those baskets, funeral or not. I've had many over the years.

  15. I really like those style baskets too. Hate the name of them. Sounds a bit morbid, doesn't it? Glad to hear that your husband is on the path to wellness now.

  16. So good to hear that Joe is doing well. Good News! Olive, thanks so much for stopping by with your inspirational comments. You always make me feel good. Have fun week with your family!


  17. Ok. I guess I am walking on a different path but I must ask.....what is a funeral basket?

    1. Big basket with a large handle usually made of wicker filled with flowers and sent to the funeral home then placed on the grave when someone dies. I also have two metal ones and one terracotta one.

  18. Such good news about your husband! Enjoy Pottery Barn!

  19. So glad to hear that Joe is doing better. I love Pottery Barn...I never buy either...although there's a table runner I tempted to by made of blue toweling...hmmmm. Have a great trip!!

  20. I saw some of these at that big fair I went to a couple of weeks ago, Olive. I had no idea a few months ago that these were called funeral baskets, but knew them when I saw them that day. They were quite big.

  21. To Curtains in my Tree, I am sure Joe is glad he doesn't need a funeral basket too. They are much better looked at from above ground than below, or so I hear. LOL


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