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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Miss My Dad


Daddy I miss you.north harris st. s.ville june 2010 010


I moved in with my Dad when I was thirteen.

He was quiet and studious. He read three or four newspapers a day.

We were quite the pair.

It was peaceful at his house and I needed that.

He loved old things, wooden, rusty, and hand crafted.

He drove down to the river just about every day.

He found unique objects in that South Carolina Clay.

He was a picker before picking was cool.

Maybe that is when I began to appreciate vintage and antique items.

He is gone now.

I often find myself trying to call him from my cell phone.

There is so much to tell him.

What CC is doing in college,

that her hair is purple, that she is dating boys,

and making good grades.

Maybe he knows.


grace surrounds us



  1. I am sure he knows. What a beautiful tribute post.

  2. Your Daddy sounds wonderful and what a joyful relationship the two of you must have had!

  3. I miss him too :( But I'm sure he is much happier in heaven.

  4. Oh my heart... Hugs~ Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  5. Olive - very sweet. Last year (my first Father's day without mine) I found myself in the card aisle, wanting to buy one and mail it. This year, I glanced at the aisle and kept walking. They know what we feel anyway.

  6. Oh, Olive, he knows. He KNOWS. This is such a heartfelt post. I am always so aware at holidays that it can be a raw time for many who are longing for those who are no longer here to celebrate with us. However, I know that your sweet husband is also a wonderful father to your CC, and THAT is definitely worth celebrating! Happy Father's Day! xx Suzanne

  7. A precious tribute, Olive. I never knew my dad; he and my mother divorced when I was two, and we lost contact, and he died in an airplane crash at the age of 37. You are so fortunate to have known your dad and had time to spend with him (and I know you know that). I would give a lot for a few memories of my father.

  8. Dear Olive,
    What a wonderful, touching post to your late father. My dad died in 2008 and I miss him everyday. I think that your dad definitely knows.
    Many thanks for your lovely comment on my giveaway post. You are really kind.
    Have a lovely new week, Olive. XXXX

  9. Olive so poignant! Our Dad's are so special!

    I am havineg a giveaway I would love you to visit and enter!

    Art by Karena


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