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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

He Knows Little Things Matter

It’s Joe’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday My Darling Love!enterprise mill june2010 021

Here is a list, in no particular order, of just a few of the many qualities Joe has that I appreciate.


1. He knows little things matter…he notices tiny mushrooms in the grass and always shows me.

2.   He loves the old house and is partially blind to it’s faults.

3.  He is enjoying the yellow house and understands the magic it has.

4.  He makes the best popcorn…on the stove…not in the microwave for heaven’s sake!

5.  He reads books and we discuss them.

6.  He is a Christ follower.

7.  He appreciates art…sometimes modern art…yuck…but still.

8.  He loves his children and grandchildren.

9.  He loves my child and she loves him…this does not always happen…he made this transition easy.

10.  His brother is his best friend…that’s cool…right Bob?

11.  He took care of his parents when they were ill.

12.  He works hard and his customers like him…older ladies bake for him at Christmas.

13.  He can drive expertly  through any large city(while I cannot).birthday 48 2010 007

14.  Man, can he hang a chandelier, with Italian instructions! You can read about this here.

15.  He can cook…priceless.

16.  He will go to yard sales and thrift stores with or without me.

17.  He bought our wedding bands in Italy. We traveled to Florence…oh my.

18.  He found a lovely historic log cabin for our wedding ceremony.

19.  He flirted with me, unashamedly…that’s what started all of this!

20.  He tells me he loves me every day… multiple times.

21.  He kisses me hello and goodbye.birthday 48 2010 017

♦To Be Happy Be In Love♦

grace surrounds us



  1. Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband!


  2. Sounds like Joe is a pretty terrific guy and you're one lucky lady!
    ♫Happy Birthday Joe♫ Wishing you a year filled with happiness and good times!

  3. Oh my goodness, I might just be in love with JOE!
    Sounds like a fabulous catch ~ Way to go, girl!
    Most especially, it sounds like you have a wonderful friendship grounding your romance....
    which is the greatest gift. Happy Birthday to your sweet man! xx Suzanne

  4. You're one blessed girlie! We should all have a "Joe". Does he have plans for instructional classes for those less fortunate?
    te he,

  5. Aw - what a sweet tribute! Ain't love grand?

    Happy birthday to Joe and happy 4th to both of you!


  6. Happy Birthday to Joe and what a darling post. I have a Joe too and he is adorable as well! We are lucky girls.

  7. Hi Olive! thank you for visiting me.
    I have a "Mark". He doesn't quite measure up in some of the more sentimental things to your Joe, but I just adore my Man. He is my other half; he is the patience when I am impatient, the slow to conclude when I immediately decide. We balance each other so wonderfully. I am so Blessed. As are you! I am so glad you popped by. Now we have lots of time to get to know each other. Thank you!
    Happy 4th!
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

  8. Hi Olive!
    Wow girl, I've been seeing you around blog land lately and thinking, how could we miss each other...I'm going over to meet you...and oh my gosh I'm so glad I did!!! We have many of the same friends and after reading all of your posts, I picked this one to comment on.
    Mostly because I love the way you write, love your photos and I think you and Joe are so cute. I love how you write about him so sweetly!!!!
    Plus, I hope you two have been celebrating his birthday and that ya'll have a wonderful Fourth of July holiday!
    So nice to meet you Olive :)


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