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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Olive at the Noodle House

I woke up on my forty-eighth birthday in  the yellow house. I wanted to do that. It is a magical place for us. June fourteen, Flag Day, was the day.

Our new neighbor and friend, Fancy, took me out for lunch. We met another friend of hers, who is now my friend. Blessings multiplied.

Then I captured the C-Cat and drove to the old house and Joe said we were going to get CC ,our daughter, at college and have supper.

It could not have gotten any better than that.

But it did!

Joe drove  past the college, after picking up CC,  to Bonaire, Georgia.  In this small town ,close to the Warner Robbins Air Force Base, is the best Vietnamese food. It is the Saigon Noodle House.

I like that name. Say it over and over. I am going to the Noodle House…Noodle House….Noodle House!!! Noodles, Noodles and more Noodles or rice if you like.

I am enamored with this cuisine. Fresh vegetables, lean meats, and thin rice noodles. Yummy!

The people who own it are warm, friendly and just darned nice.birthday 48 2010 016 birthday 48 2010 017 birthday 48 2010 022 birthday 48 2010 019

I don’t know what they thought of us, sitting there taking a lot of silly photos.

We three had barbequed pork with grilled shrimp over rice noodles with a little salad all served in a very large bowl. It was unspeakably good.

We were delighted to be together. Can you tell?

grace surrounds us



  1. Oh gosh, you all are just so darn cute, and look!...there's Olive Junior. She's a doll, looks just like mom! All this talk of food has me wanting NOOOOOODLEEEEES!!! how'd that happen?
    glad you had a fun B'Day celebration!

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  3. That sounds like the BEST birthday ever. You are too funny...Noodle House:) Regarding the Goodwill and their prices...I hear ya sister. They have been going "noodles" over there too - but some items seem to be looked over by the high price gun. Clothing is outrageous - I looked at an Old Navy tank top and they were asking $8. It doesn't cost that much new in the store. Oh well - have a great day!!!

  4. I get all giddy all over noodles, too.
    Although I do draw the line at taking pictures. ;-)

  5. What a fun and ♪Happy Birthday♪ you had, congrats!

    You know, if I haven't said it before I'll say it now - I just love your profile photo, you're in my favorite color, standing next to my favorite flower/plant and gawd who doesn't love redheads?! What a darling daughter you have too, love those "rose-lights".

    Wishing you an absolutely fabulous year ahead!!


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