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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Left Side of the Street

North Harris Street, Sandersville, Georgia is one of those beautiful sleepy Southern streets.

General Sherman slept on this street, at the Brown House, during the Civil War.  He did not burn down the city.

That was mighty generous of him. I will show this house on another post.

These photos are from houses on the left side of the street driving north on state Highway 15.

It was extremely hot so I never made it to the right side of the street. Yes, I am a wimp.

This house looks like a pink wedding cake!north harris st. s.ville june 2010 023

north harris st. s.ville june 2010 024

This house has no paint, just like our old house. They are  made from fat lighter and will not rot but will catch fire easily. It has the best door with lovely details.north harris st. s.ville june 2010 026

north harris st. s.ville june 2010 027

This house is my favorite. I think. It is hard to decide. Those columns…gracious!north harris st. s.ville june 2010 031

Look at those porches. Can you see yourself  in a rocking chair reading the paper?

Afternoon tea anyone?north harris st. s.ville june 2010 032

Thanks bunches for joining me on the left side of the street. When I visit the right side of the street you will see the garden at the Brown House.

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  1. Love the view! I would have loved to have seen more of these when we lived down there. These old stately homes have so much history and character! Thanks for the tag along!

  2. These houses are so lovely. They really speak of another time, a slower pace. Thanks so much for sharing these photos.


  3. Oh I absolutely L♥ve taking walks in blogland, thank you so much for sharing the area with us Olive, the architecture is exquisite!!

  4. Olive, I just love seeing those big old houses. Oh, how someone needs to fix up the second one you showed. It could be so pretty.

  5. What gorgeous houses. Your pictures are beautiful. I love the photo of the door!

  6. Those big old houses always tug at my heartstrings! I could move in to any one of them and would love to sip tea or take a nap on all of those grand porches!

    Kat :)

  7. I'll take the naked, paintless wreck of a house. She needs me.

  8. OMG I adore all of those beautiful old Homes but my fav HAS to be the unpainted one...

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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