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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flea Market Finds By Joe

Joe's flea market finds this week are rusty and beautiful.

The toolbox.

The rusty bits.

Joe is going to use the toolbox for it's intended purpose but I could see it on a shelf in our den.
It came full of tools too and I can barely lift it.

The rusty things with hooks are scales and we have no idea what purpose the long handled tool has.
We just like it. 
He paid about twenty dollars for all of this including the toolbox.
Joe is in his element when he finds tools to buy.


I will be visiting you, my peeps, later tonight, because I traveled yesterday to Greenville, S.C. to have new tires put on my Mini and I am exhausted. Thank God I was in the Pottery Barn, in the mall, when the dealership called me about an additional issue and gave me the price. 
If you are going to nearly swoon a Pottery Barn sofa is the place to do it.

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may joy and peace surround you


  1. Joe did good on this it!!! So glad you were in a good spot...that always help:)


  2. Exactly the sort of things my husband would be interested. It is great that you seem to be sharing the blog these days with both of your names on the header!

  3. Joe done good! I've picked up rusty pieces of mystery myself a few times. I've been spending regular time in PB lately. Mostly picking up ideas tho. And there are so many!

  4. The long-handled tool looks like a mason's 'pitcher' to me - you place one edge of it against a block of stone, whack it with a hammer and a nice, clean bit of stone flies off. Usually the shaft is in line with the edge, though.

  5. Love it, love the rusticness!...Christine

  6. Tell Joe that he found some real doozies- my kind of finds!! Rust isn't always a bad thing. Love the toolbox. :-) Sue

  7. That is quite a neat purchase! It's always fun to come across something you love.

  8. I love that you show what your husband found! Duh! Why I didn't think to do that I don't know. Thanks for stopping by my place. Followed you back. What part of Georgia? My parents live in Jesup.
    Audrey at

  9. Joe is a really good "picker"! It's just great to be able to share this interest together!

  10. that tool box is awesome...great potential for alot of uses!

  11. They certainly have more appeal than modern tools don't they?

  12. Joe did good! I love the tool box.

  13. LoVe that Rusty Metal Box with ###'s...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  14. Nice job Joe. Great toolbox, and I love little rusty bits. They can be so sculptural. I have some I don't have a clue what they were originally, but I love the look.

  15. That's about the only way I can get my husband to an auction. His first question is "Do they have tools?". (Of course, my answer is always yes). Looks like Joe made out today. Love those big weights.

  16. Love Joe's old tool box, what a great find. Thanks for stopping by, will be your newest follower, Laura Cottage and Broome

  17. Good for you Joe. I bet you were proud of him Olive. Nice that he shares your passion also. Thanks for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


I adore your comments. They are like finding unexpected chocolates. olive