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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

~vintage linens and stain removal~

I have been ironing vintage linens.


It is not unusual to find single pillowcases.
I do not fret about that. I pair them with another one in similar tones.

These pillowcases are terribly soft and I have two or four on our bed at all times.
I sell matching pairs when I find them.

This little table scarf will be sold on consignment. 
It is in perfect condition. I soak all my vintage linens in OxyClean and hot water. 
Be patient when doing this, sometimes I soak them for twenty-four hours and change out the water and OxyClean. I use several scoops of Oxy depending on the amount of stain present. 
This does not damage embroidery or fine fibers like Clorox does.
If I have a persistent stain I make a paste with OxyClean and put it directly on the stain. I already have a stain so what do I have to lose? 

This large rectangular table cloth was stained a lot. 
They are gone now but it does have some holes which is fine because that means I keep it.

I had a helper.

You can pick up stained vintage linens at tag sales, estate sales, and garage sales for a few dollars or less and turn them into beautiful accents for your bed or tables. If you have not tried the Oxyclean method I encourage you to do so and let me know how it worked for you.  

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  1. Hi Olive, your vintage linens are all so pretty... I have a number of embroidered pillow cases and vintage tablecloths that were my mamas... I use Oxiclean as well, and you are right, it works great!... most of my mama's tablecloths still have old gravy stains that do not come out, however, that just makes me love them more! (I was probably the one who spilled my gravy when I was a child)... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. I can remember having that same floral tablecloth years ago...beautiful colors.


  3. Great tip for all these beautiful linens. I have a pile of them waiting for some TLC.

  4. I look for embroidered linens all the time...I really love 100% cotton. Before Oxyclean came along I used dishwasher soap and that did an okay job on stains. have to be really careful with Clorox, it has really bleached out some of my pieces!

    You really have some nice things, I couldn't part with any of it! :-)


  5. I love old linen too! I will try the oxiclean on the ones that I couldn't get clean! Thanks for sharing! (Love your helper!)

  6. Olive, your vintage linens are exquisite! Great advice on how to get them to look as special as they should be! Great post dear friend!


  7. all of your vintage linens are so pretty! xoxo

  8. Lovely! We share the same love for these Vintage linens. My problem is I can't refuse, neglect or just walk away from them at a sale.
    I think I need Linen Therapy..
    xxx Liz

  9. Thanks for the OxyClean tip. Your linens are so pretty. I love vintage linens and find all the detail work so lovely.


  10. Thanks for the new tip! I'm always buying and selling linens, and this is a new one for me.
    Sometimes, when I have a stain that just won't budge, I do resort to clorox. I put it in a small glass, and put vinegar in another small glass. Take a Qtip, dip it in the bleach and dab the area... as soon as I see it lift, dab it with the vinegar which halts the clorox, and rinse. Thanks!

  11. Lovin' the linens Olive! I do the same thinhg with my old linens AND my tennis shoes *winks* Makes em sparkle! That OxyClean really is fabulous for so many things! Vanna

  12. Miss Olive , your vintage linens are wonderful.
    The colors are lovely-

    Have a great week before Thanksgiving!

    White Spray Paint

  13. Beautiful pieces of linen! I love when they don't match! Thanks for the directions on cleaning with oxyclean. I need to try that. Thanks so much for visiting my blog...I hope your hubby brings you some cotton!!

  14. I love your vintage linens, Olive. Such pretty and delicate embroideries!...Christine

  15. Hi Olive, You have a beautiful collection of vintage linens. I love the colors, the pinks are so pretty. My MIL has such a stash of these wonderful collectibles. She enjoys each and everyone and displays them throughout her home. She is ninety this year and still loves to create vignettes with new finds. You sure have a sweet little helper. Happy Thanksgiving Olive.

    The French Hutch

  16. Love vintage linens, they remind me of my grandmother! Stitched pillow cases and doily's...they are favorites! Your sure have some pretty ones there!!!

  17. Thanks for your sweet note on my Tablescape!!! I LOVE vintage linens ~ I need to be better about hunting for them!!! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm new to your blog and loving it. I'm your newest follower!!! Glad to be bloggy friends with you!!!

    Aimee @

  18. Beautiful - linens - love the last photo with your helper - makes me smile!!

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