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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Red Love Seat

A nine foot tall live Christmas tree and a red love seat sets the scene for one of our local consignment stores near our old house.
The love seat sold as I was snapping these images so I am glad I took them even though the sun was in my eyes.
 I consign a few items here (that Holidays book is one of mine) and enjoy the ladies who manage this store. I helped them a wee tiny bit to get ready for their ribbon cutting ceremony with the chamber of commerce.  Joe and I are thrilled that our small southern town now has several businesses on the square. I consign at three of them and have a ball doing it. Joe is also a big help in this endeavour and by now you know we are all about the thrill of the hunt.

In my next post I will show a silver, black, and gold vignette, from this store, that is terribly pretty. 
It made me turn around and get in my car and fetch my camera.

I am linking to The Tablescaper, for the very first time, for Seasonal Sundays.

may joy and peace surround you 


  1. Very pretty! I'm already starting to get the itch to bring out some Christmas things... I will hold out till after Thanksgiving though-yep that's the plan:@)

  2. Hi Olive, that red loveseat is fabulous!... no wonder it sold quickly... how fun you have items for sale at these shops, I didn't know you did that... looking forward to seeing more... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. would that not be beautiful for a Christmas living room..looks like Victoria magazine.
    Glad to hear about new businesses opening. In my home town there is also 3 new stores around the makes it fun to shop, like the days when I was little

  4. This is beautiful!!!!
    Good thing you got there when you did for a picture.
    Looks like a great shop.

  5. The red loveseat is really looks like a Christmas setting there.

    I think that it is neat that you are adding to the consignment sounds like fun! You and Joe really know how to find some great treasures!!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!


  6. The plush red of the love-seat and the Christmas decorations behind it make it look all Christmassy and cozy May the person who bought it have a lovely special Christmas with all their family around them.

  7. That is one beautiful loveseat, love that red! Can't wait to see more!

    Olive, I hope you are having a great day!


  8. That loveseat is gorgeous! I can see why is was snapped up so quickly. I would have snapped it up too! Looks like a great place to shop and hope your things sell well!

  9. Olive,
    that's really beautiful with the tree in the background! I'm so wanting to start getting out my christmas but am trying to hold out, but, not for long! Glad to hear that your square is getting more business's, it brings new energy to everyone!
    PS. thanks for the sweet comments about my family!

  10. That is one gorgeous loveseat!


  11. Furniture like that makes me want to redecorate ~ I love red anything (:
    Enjoy the hunt!

  12. Hi Olive,

    This is a GORGEOUS love seat! It really makes a statement placed as it is in front of the Christmas tree. Wow! I noticed the quote by Jan Karon on your sidebar; I'm a big fan of her books. She used to live in North Carolina and I've done a post on "Finding Mitford" if you're interested in seeing the inspiration for her books.

    Happy Seasonal Sunday!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  13. So nice Olive! Can't wait to see the next post. Ann

  14. Wow rich and classy - I would love one like it!!

  15. That love seat is very beautiful. It looks so festive with the presents on it and the Christmas tree behind. Great photos.

    You gave me a great idea about crocheting angels. So I already started working on one. Thanks, you are an angel!

  16. Olive,
    Love the loveseat! I long for a fainting couch that looks like that! What a dream!
    I agree....about the thrill of the hunt! That's where most of the fun is, isn't it?
    Since we aren't hosting Thanksgiving, I'm ready to bring on Christmas!

  17. That red sofa was pretty for a holiday setting!!
    Have a wonderful week.

  18. Oh my goodness! What an amazing photo of the love seat and tree, just simply gorgeous!

    You know how I feel about supporting local busnesses. Wonderful news about your town!

  19. I'll say it...that love seat is sexy! I'm not surprised it sold so quickly...just be glad you weren't sitting on it. You might have gone out the door too!

  20. I love the idea of
    a town that small
    and knowing all
    of the shopkeepers!
    Bet you have fun
    with all of them....

    Happy Monday,
    xx Suzanne

  21. Hi Olive. I agree - that red loveseat is gorgeous! That Christmas tree is also stunning! Looks like a lovely shop.

  22. I love the red couch! Looks beautiful with the Christmas tree!

  23. That red love seat is divine and dramatic! How exciting that you add to the consignment shops. You certainly have a wonderful eye for treasures.
    I have been busy on a project and away from blogging for a couple of weeks so I'm having to play catch-up again...I love the old bucket on your buffet. It really is charming!

  24. That sofa is gorgeous. Such a pretty vibrant color for Christmas. You are lucky to have such fun stores in the area.


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