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Monday, November 14, 2011

Do you buy furniture with no idea of where it's going?

It is a glorious fall day here. 
I started off with a small fire in the wood stove and now I have the doors open.
I have been dusting and moving Joe's chair around I showed you on Saturday.
This room, despite it's windows, is dark so these photos are dark much to my dismay.
A reader remarked that she liked the chair but it wasn't her colors.
Same here lovey. 
We have a faded cabbage rose sofa in green and pink in this very room. 
One day we want a neutral cream colored sofa.
We paid all of twenty five dollars for each of the two sofas we have now. 
Spending more than that is going to be difficult.

The chair does blend with our old crocks. 
The butter churn was my mother's and the lamp was Joe's mother's. 
We recently got the old pickle crock, beside the chair, at an estate sale.
The unframed oil painting, on the left, reminds us of our trip to Italy.
The art glass vase was a gift from one of my patients.

Please ignore my terrible hair but I adore this image of Joe.
I recently let my grey fly and will have some profile shots soon I hope.

This is my view of the fall leaves as I type.

 I am still in a pickle as to where to put Joe's chair.
We will work it out. 
We always do.

Do you buy furniture with no idea of where it is going in your house?

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may joy and peace surround you


  1. I do it all the furniture and have no idea where it's going. That's why you enter at your own risk when you go into my shed...LOL. I love your chair and I think it looks great where you have it Olive.

    Enjoy your day,

  2. Hi Olive... I buy many things with no idea at all where they will end up going, but that's half the fun of it! Love Joe's chair, it looks great by your vintage crocks... your view out your window is beautiful!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Love that chair...what a great reading chair it will make! You have a pretty view out your window too...I love all the things you have collected around your home!

  4. Guilty as charged~ My one saving grace is that I can take it back into our furniture stores if it doesn't fit or look its best. Guess that's really not buying it, huh? LOL

  5. YEppers...I have to say I love the chair, and the colors, and actually it looks cool there.

  6. If I had to have a place to put a piece of furniture before I bought it that would cut down on my spending quite a bit. Novel idea! I am interested in your grey hair issues. It seems like I have to color my hair every three weeks now in order to keep it looking it's natural blonde state and it's just getting to be too much work. May just have to give in to the grey.

  7. hahaha oh YES! glad to see I am not the only one with this fun habit...I just bought a little chest with 4 drawers today..I liked it! and knew I could find somewhere to put it...I sure do like the chair you found...

  8. I sure do, because sometimes you just have to have it! I love the chair and think it looks lovely with all it's surroundings. Ann

  9. The chair is really a great chair and I love the chest and vignette next to it. Such a great place to sit and relax. Beautifully done. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  10. Hi Olive! Oh, I love that chair and the fabric does look nice with all the other things in that corner! I wish I had some room to buy some more furniture, but I've about maxed out the house! ;)
    Be a sweetie,

    Shelia ;)

  11. I do it to. The chair looks great in that spot.

  12. Olive, my problem now, is that I buy dishes without knowing where I am going to put them!!! Mother Hubbards cupboards are FULL!!!! ;0) Thanks so much for visiting Take Six!

  13. The chair is really wonderful and fits perfectly in your nook. I am so jealous of your warm and cozy wood jealous!

  14. If it's a great buy, buy it! There will always be a place.

    The vignette is lovely and the view from you window is beautiful. I saw the pics of your crepe myrtle. Mine were so stressed from the heat all Summer, then a couple of weeks ago we had a hail storm. Only a few leaves are still hanging on while at the same time there are a few buds trying to bloom. Poor things.

  15. I really buy more smaller pieces here and there...dishes, etc. I did once by a bench for the end of my bed only to find it didn't fit. It's out in the garage!

    Love the peek of the fall foliage out your windows, so pretty!


  16. Of course! I buy what I love and eventually things work themselves out. I think the chair looks great. Leave it there for a few days and you won't be able to imagine it anywhere else!

  17. Oh Olive, that chair is adorable! I love it where you have it, it's perfect...but I know you'll find another place later, I do the same thing, remember, "I'm Scarlet O'Hara"! Thanks for your lovely comment, I do love Gonne with the Wind and she made such a gorgeous green dress for her curtains! Have a super week. FABBY

  18. I still don't know what to do with the new white mirror! eeeck!

  19. Is this really a question??? That's the only way "she" buys furniture so I thought that was the norm. Now I have some serious concerns.....I think purrhaps, I will have a seat in Joe's chair and ponder this for a any warm milk for Clovis and I???



  20. I buy a lot of things with no idea where it's going. lol However, I'm the type who moves something out when I move something in. I'm sure you'll find the right spot for Joe's chair. It actually looks nice where it is.

  21. What a warm and cozy setting. Exactly the kind of home I love!!!

  22. Oh I love your cozy nook with all your collections! I'm guilty of buying LOTS of things without knowing where they are going :)

  23. I tend to buy more little things with no idea of what I'm going to do with them. I don't have a vehicle that can haul furniture pieces so that keeps me from bringing home some of the things I find that I would like to bring home!
    I love that little corner you pictured. You have it beautifully arranged.

  24. Olive,
    your chair is great where it is, even though the fabric may not be everyone's taste, you can't say it doesn't have great bones! As far as buying furniture and not knowing where it's going to go, if we waited, a. we would never buy anything or b. it would be gone, and that, would be a tragedy!!

  25. Yes, I do! Olive,I love that chair, it's awesome! What a great vignette, view and cozy little corner! Hugs, Nancy

  26. Such a sweet comment you just left!! Thanks for thinking of me. I love your chair in that corner! So many wonderful objects there. I just got a new French decor book and it is full of that yellow. I've had to live with plenty of finishes I wouldn't have chosen for myself. It builds character!

  27. What fabulous crocks and great chair. Looks nice just where you have it.

  28. WOW! I would love to have the beautiful chair and of course, I spotted the cute cloché too.

    Great job.

    Happy TTT.

    Greetings from chilly Stockholm,

    Join the Swedish giveaway till Sunday.

  29. Love the chair and the new header! Great post Thanks for sharing!

  30. Yes, I buy things all the time with no idea where I will put it. However, I always find a place...good thing hugh!
    I love this little spot in your home...warm, inviting...lovely!


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