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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


It was at a small Victorian house.
 There were so many folks packed in that house, both days, I nearly panicked. 
The small dining room had an enormous beveled glass dining table
 and I was carrying large pieces of garden concrete over it.

Then I saw the harlequin lamp:

I buy and sell lamps weekly but this one is a keeper.
 Just the right amount of whimsy and height. 
Sometimes bargains are found at estate sales, especially on day two. 
The lamp was $20.00 and it is more than I usually pay.
 But still I am loving it and may move it to my bedside table.

The lamp relates to the pillow in the chippy green chair. 
It casts a soft light on the the little desk at the base of the stairs. 


On the good news front we had rain last night.
 On the bad news front I am sick. I just returned from my friend and doctors office and will be having an ultrasound, hopefully, in the morning for abdominal pain. Along with that I have a terrific headache and have not eaten much in two days. I  made white rice yesterday and that made me feel worse. Then I knew I was in real trouble. I am praying it is a virus and not a fussy "hot" gallbladder. I am about to medicate myself with headache medicine and lay down after I visit with some of ya'll for a few minutes then I will be back tonight.

I party on the internet@Wow Us Wednesday's.

joy and peace


  1. you have some of the most amazing finds and this lamp is one of them. It would be a keeper too for me. I see a pillow in a far distant chair too that would be a keeper as well.

    Take care of you, Praying it is only a virus. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

  2. I am loving your lamp and that pillow - they look like bestest friends!

    I lost my gallbladder to an overly large lunch at a restaurant in Minnesota called FAT BOYS in 2005. Have to admit that I haven't missed it or the trouble it used to give me. Hoping you are feeling much better SOON.


  3. Great lamp. My mom has one very similar that she paid a lot for several years ago. So sorry you don't feel well.

  4. Gorgeous lamp! What a great find. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I'm sorry to hear you're sick and hope that all goes well tomorrow.

  6. The lamp is just perfect in your home. I would have fallen in love, too!

    Hope you get some more rain, I think we all need it after the heat wave. And I hope you don't have something serious. I will be thinking of you.


  7. Hope you feel better soon, and that it is just a bug and nothing more serious <3

  8. Olive, I like your new lamp and the way it matches the pillow. Hoping you just have summer heat tummy cramps...not your gallbladder. I'll keep you in my prayers today. Smiles, Susie

  9. I love the soft glow of the lamp and it really does match the pillow.
    I hope you feel better soon and that it is nothing serious.

  10. Love your new lamp Olive!... I do hope it is just an upset tummy and not your gall bladder... prayers for you, xoxo Julie Marie

  11. I LOVE your little lamp but I HATE that you are sick...
    hoping you feel better quickly....


  12. Love your new lamp..Hate that you are sick! Get better soon!
    xo Cindy

  13. What a great lamp ~ and $20 isn't unreasonable for one that you're keeping. It's okay to pay a little more when it's for you (: praying for wisdom for the doctors so you can get better quickly.

  14. Hate to hear you are feeling sick. Hope you feel better soon. The lamp is to die for girl. I love it and it goes beautifully with the chair cushion.

  15. Oh I am sorry you are not feeling better take it easy. I am sure the heat isn't helping it either!

  16. I wouldn't even care if the lamp related to Nothing in the room. It's cute and a total keeper. I'd have bought it too and just made it work somewhere in my home. Love it!

    My husband is having some pain the past few days too... he will be visiting with his surgeon in a couple of days. It's no fun getting old, that's for sure.

  17. Olive, I hope you feel better!!!
    Your lamp is the kind that could be used in any room! Love the pattern!

  18. I understand why that lamp is a keeper. It's wonderful!
    Sure hope you're feeling better and nothing too serious is going on.
    Mary Alice

  19. Let us know how you are feeling and the ultrasound results. I will be praying for you. Abdominal pain is no picnic.
    Great lamp. I love the light it casts on all the other treasures on the little desk. Beautiful, Olive!

  20. Hope you feel better soon! That lamp is wonderful. I like it in front of the print too. The colors are terrific together.

  21. That lamp is adorable no wonder it is a keeper!

  22. Love that lamp! Wow! Goes great in your room. Hope you feel better soon....~Delores

  23. Definitely a keeper - so whimsical! Is that a buddha I see in that glass jar? Love him (I have a few of my own)!

    Hope it's not your gallbladder - I had mine removed a few months ago!

  24. Hope you feel better! Love your lamp! I am an Estate Sale Junkie!

  25. I love it! It's my colors, design and yes, whimsy. I so hope you feel better quickly. I had gallbladder problems & surgery eons ago. Best thing ever! I got to the point that I couldn't even drink iced tea and having it out resolved all the problems. My best to you!


  26. Praying for you, Olive. I want you up and perky. That lamp is so cool. Nice find.

  27. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well...hope it is nothing serious and passes soon! Love the lamp!

  28. Oh, my friend, you can't get sick! So sorry you feel bad and hope it's not gallbladder. I had mine out and have not had IBS since! I mentioned you in my blog but didn't do agreat job at photographing the pitchers. Will add some flowers and photograph again on my table or not-a-mantle-cabinet top.

  29. I like the lamp, but LOOOVE the green chippy chair.

  30. I love that lamp - what a great find!

    I do NOT love that you are sick and pray that you will get some answers and relief very soon.


  31. Fabulous lamp, Olive! I would have run over to grab that lamp! It looks perfect on your desk. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. As someone who suffers from stomach issues, it can be very frustrating. The one time I thought I had a stomach virus it turned out to be appendicitis!

  32. Oh Olive. I hope you feel better and it is not the darn gall bladder thingy. On a brighter note I love your new lamp and can't blame you one bit for making it a keeper. It is the perfect compliment to your little table, chair, pillow and I think I spied a pretty picture of your daughter. NICE! Ann

  33. Like I said...I've got to get around more.
    I really hope you're right and it's not your gall bladder. Prayers going up.
    Can I just say I love your photos? They're such a bright spot in my day.

  34. You found the perfect little lamp! So pretty and full of whimsy.... I hope you find out what is causing your issues- it is neither fun nor comfortable to feel bad! Take care, friend. Sue


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