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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Estate Sale Finds

Joe and I found a good many garden finds at estate sales over the weekend.
 If we were to keep all of them our yard would be the one you slow down and look at because it has too many concrete planters and urns and such in it....shudder.

Odd little bunnies, and a ram.

Planter feet, three sets, for planters we are not going to have.

Some non garden items.

Twin planters with petunias.
 We are not keeping them.

Or this, it has to go. 
See it's cousin behind it?

I did buy a lamp that we are keeping. 
 Lamps make me weak. I will show it later.

The MINI WEE'S just left after three weeks of visiting and we are going to rest.
I will catch up on my comments when I can. 
The yellow house has been full of family, which we love.

joy and peace


  1. Love that pedestal, and the finial! I may be getting to be that yard with too many metal garden things in it! Glad you had a pleasant family visit!

  2. Love your fiends. I am so fortunate I can't go to your yard sales. I'd be roomless.

  3. Not keeping??? I love your finds!

  4. I love those big planters! You always find the best stuff.

  5. Lovin' the pedestal! Not gonna talk about bunnies, cement or the fluffy ones that ate every string bean plant in my garden! Sounds like you had a fun weekend:@)

  6. Nice finds ~ it would be hard to part with some of those items if it were me. Which is why you can't get in my garage /~" Have a great week.

  7. Family and fun times are the very best. Mine starts Thursday!
    I like the planters your not keeping!

  8. Some of these would be fun to use in a fairy garden! Fun finds!

  9. Rest now, but so glad it well. The kids are cuties!

  10. Wow!! Great planters - but the bunnies are the best - I think the ram is a bit creepy...

  11. I like all the planters. You can't keep everything you find now can you? Glad you have a place to sell them.


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