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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Puppy Report

 Shelley Puppy

Eating one of our one million pine cones.

 Would You Believe...that...

Sheldon Cooper Shepherd
  assisted me with mopping the floors yesterday?
He bit and played with the mop.
 I have never in my life had a dog in the house whilst I mopped a floor. 
That is puppy love.
I am gone over him.
So is Joe. 
And CC.

I cannot get an image of him without amputating an ear, paw, or other body part. 
He is tough to photograph. 
He is 37.7 lbs now and was 8 lbs on April 14th when we brought him home.


Chania from Razmataz helped me in her comment yesterday about moving my XL image to the left. 
It worked and now I can go back to XL images. I am so happy about that. Thanks Chania. The quick witted Pam who Joe and I adore from House of Hawthornes helped me with blog widths in an email. So many of you offered helpful suggestions.
I have the best friends and readers.

thanks bunches 
happy sweet puppies


  1. Puppy love...I am telling you, there is nothing like it. My son teased me yesterday with $300.00. He said, you can have it if I can have Bentley...I told him there was NO money on earth that I would take for Bentley....he is my buddy.

  2. Hi Olive. I'm so pleased that you got the little blips with your photos sorted out. Bloggy friends are the best, aren't they?! What delightful photos of your little puppy. WoW! Shelly has certainly grown since you first brought him home in April!

  3. Olive, your dog is cute. He reminds me of Rin-Tin-Tin. That was when I wanted a german shepard dog, when I was young. Of course I wanted a horse like triger and a suit like dale evans.LOL. If Shelly chews on pine cones, maybe she will never chew up something good. Smiles, Susie

  4. such a cutie pie dog......and his name...oh so clever...we always laugh at The Big Bang Theory and now I think of you when watching it...especially when I hear Sheldon's name...grin..


  5. oh yeah, gotta have those super size puppy pics!!!

  6. Your big boy is so handsome; it's easy to see why you are smitten!


  7. Sooo cute!!! I love shepards but sadly don't have one now. Maybe someday. Have a great day

  8. Puppies are fun. My Greta is finally settling down and does not chew much now...or it could be the heat that has her calm!

  9. Look at the size of his paw in the second pic! He's gonna be a big boy-enjoy:@)

  10. love the dog and what a great tip!!!


  11. Funny thing about the young 'uns. They are in such constant motion that many of their pictures are a blur....if they are even in them!

  12. The sap must get in his teeth:) haha they do find the weirdest things to chew on. I could take photos of our dog all day even if they are not all good ones.
    Love the photo of CC.


  13. Puppy Bliss! I always love Shelly & Clovis posts :)


I adore your comments. They are like finding unexpected chocolates. olive