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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Porch Sale

We got up at o' dark thirty to go to a heavily advertised porch sale. We arrived early and waited in line for twenty minutes for it to open. Joe and I were a little over wrought as our coffee maker quit working this morning and we were not really awake enough to deal with the crowd of people on that tiny porch and deck. The sale was held on the back porch of a small charming cottage.

 I told Joe to pick up what ever looked good and not to consult with me because there was no time for that. What does he do? Come down the stairs, leave the items and consult with me.
Might as well bang my head on the floor y'all.
Remember when the rude lady, with the baby, wanted my chandelier?
I did not want another incident like that in such a tight space.

An ironstone butter dish and a sweet baby lamb. 
They are keepers and I do not mind the chip on the butter dish.

This old scale is accurate in it's weight.
 Joe stood on it and it weighed him perfectly. It is a heavy piece.

The mustard yellow matelasse throw was purchased along with two shams. 
I sell many matelasse items. The porch ladies had an enormous table of current and vintage linens and that is where I spent my time and money. We also bought vintage leather suitcases. More on those later.

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  1. Amazing things as you always seem to find! Love that ironstone butter dish.
    Mary Alice

  2. Cute lamb and I have to admit I'm torn... Do I really want a scale that weighs me accurately, or not??? Happy Weekend:@)

  3. Lovely finds and I am not quite sure if there is enough coffee to cover tight quarters in a sale like that, lol. Looks like you walked away with treasures -- loving the color of the bedding and ironstone always gets my attention as does vintage scales -- I'd say you scored ;)


  4. They really do try to help...poor Joe. I love the little deer creamer and butter dish. Too hot here for any outside sales even at O dark thirty.

  5. Cute little deer. My husband does not understand the tag sale "etiquette" either. You gotta grab it and hold onto it or it's gone.

  6. Even without the coffee and Joe not following directions, you got some fabulous finds!

  7. You two did good hunting together.

  8. Hi Olive, That chandy story is still funny! Wow, the lady with the baby was soooo rude and what a gentleman holding the sale. You crack me up with your stories. I know you must still have a headache from banging your head all over but you still managed to get some great things at today's sale. Love the butter dish!

    The French Hutch

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    1. The little lamb will look so cute holding Spring flowers - sorry I previously put lamp by mistake.

  10. Olive, I got such a giggle from this post. You did find some neat things. I really like the matelasse coverlet.

  11. Oh my gosh what cute things Olive. I love the yellow matelasse...perfect color! Enjoy your Sunday!

  12. Poor hubbys. Sometimes they never seem to get it right, do they?! I love that little butter dish and the cute little lamb. You always find such lovely things that any of us would love to own. Hope your weekend is going well my friend.

  13. OH, I love your little lamb and butter dish. Well, at least Joe goes with you, my Mr. would not be caught dead at a sale!

  14. Nice finds Olive. I especially like that butter dish. Mattelasse items are some of my favorites as they are so versatile. Now tell Joe he MUST do as you ask! Ann

  15. I feel your pain! My husband would have done the same thing. If he even came and told me about anything.

    We finally changed our internet provider and things are flying right along. I can actually visit blogs and have them load completely in a flash! Is there no other provider you can try where you are?

  16. You guys are so funny....looks like you still managed to find some good deals.


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