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Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Favorite By CC

My favorite young girl image of CC by CC. 
With a dumb phone.

Edited and framed by me. 
The girl on her right, kissing her, is her best friend. 
They have been friends since the fifth grade. 
They were just starting high school here. 
CC is a senior (maybe) in college now. 
She is not going to graduate in fours years. 
It would be lovely but is not going to happen due to numerous factors.

Friends for life are rare indeed.

joy and peace


  1. Olive,
    She's adorable and what a sweet pic! I can see why it's your favorite! Graduating in 4 years is okay, but these days kids have so much going on, school, work, life, etc that that is not reality for a lot of them. Kate, a junior, won't either and not because of the baby but because of class conflicts. As long as they do it in a relatively "normal" amount of time, that's what counts in my book anyway!

  2. An adorable picture, Olive. No wonder it's your favorite!

  3. CC is darling, as always! What a great picture!

  4. A beautiful picture. I know finishing in four years would have been great but just finishing college is the main thing! Laura

  5. Your daughter has the most beautiful blue eyes and the sweetest smile. This picture is adorable. It is really had to graduate in 4 years anymore.
    Have a great week!

  6. What a treasure of a picture! So cute.
    Mary Alice

  7. How lovely to see a photo of CC! She is adorable, and just look at those beautiful blue eyes. There are so many other things that I'm sure CC will be able to do. I wish her good luck in the years ahead. You must be very proud of her my friend.

  8. CC has a lovely open face with a charming smile and pretty eyes.

  9. It would have to be me favorite, too. Such youth. Best friends forever are precious.

  10. SWeeTness to treasure...
    I know what you mean - Friends For Life... RARE INDEED - I have my BFF since our High School Days....
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  11. My bff heytelled me last night when I told her I was blue from all of our fun being done...she sang to me...You are my sunshine...the whole only never know much I love was just the best!

  12. What a sweet pic ♥ BFF and I go back to the 2nd grade :)

  13. I don't know if anyone graduates in 4 years anymore. Cute picture of CC!

  14. OMgash Moma I love this picture. :)

  15. Friends for life are rare indeed - CC is blessed.


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