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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pets Getting Along...Or Not

Sheldon Cooper Shepherd Puppy and Clovis are still tentative roomies.

Clovis has taken refuge, with his food, on the kitchen island. 
Not that he is a saint because he swats Shelly, repeatedly, with his claws. 
They are comical as long as they don't hurt each other.
Shelley is the one who gets hurt, most of the time, despite his superior size.

Chasing Clovis around the island.

Clovis peering down at Shelley and feeling he has outsmarted him I am sure.
Clovis knows he is the smartest person in the room.

Peering at the cat.

Peering still.
All this time I am attempting to move about the kitchen and having to move around this large puppy.

This image shows how long Shelley is getting.  He is looking kind of wolf-like to me. His teeth curve back and we asked the vet about them he said they are for "ripping and shredding."
Indeed they are.

happy fur children ya'll


  1. Kids~~ the are always into stuff. I cringed when I read about the teeth... hide your shoes etc...

  2. Adorable photos. I love the name Clovis.

  3. Nigella our cat at home has taken up residence on our counter too. He still stalks her but seems to just want to play. Have I mentioned his a pit? yeah

    good luck,

  4. I bet the war goes on until Shelley is completely out of puppyhood. Then, they'll probably be the best of friends. I'm afraid you'll always be tripping over a dog in your kitchen, but you'll never have to clean up dropped food! ~ Maureen

  5. What a difference in Shelley's appearance here compared to the sidebar photo!

  6. Good thing he has no interest in ripping or shredding the kitties!!

  7. Me thinks that Clovis' sanctuary on the kitchen table is temporary. At the rate that Shelly is growing, Clovis is soon going to have to move to higher ground (:

  8. They will work it out, and Clovis will count himself winner. Look how he goes fishing with his tail!

  9. Seems like they are working it out and I think I see a glimmer of respect in Shelley's eyes there. He has grown quite a lot - how much does he weigh, Olive and what is the vet's estimate on how big he will get? Both he and Clovis are beautiful furkids! Ann

    1. He is about 40 lbs and we are not sure how big he will be but he has huge paws.

  10. Bet that tail hanging down in the first pic is very tempting! I'm sure they are quite entertaining! Happy Weekend:@)

  11. The picture of the cat looking Na na....I am king! I love cats...don't have one, but I love their personalities!!

  12. Gosh, I hope those teeth don't get anywhere near you! Shelley is certainly growing fast! If there is a dog and cat around, it's usually the dog that comes off worse!! Have a lovely weekend my friend.

  13. Dear Olive - you really have got a couple of characters there. You can readily see that Clovis is in charge, and Shelley is so trusting that he does not have a clue. Lovely affectionate post of them both.
    Thank you to you and Joe for your very kind comments on my anniversary post.

  14. These photos are priceless...what personalities!

  15. I love Clovis peering down and Shelley peering up. Who's going to blink first.

  16. We now feed the cats on the counter in the service porch or the dogs would eat it all. One bloody swipe across the nose from the cat and the dog learned her place. She has even managed to stop chasing the chickens. I suspect they will work it out eventually.

  17. Shelley is getting awefully big for a puppy his age. The look on his face in the first photo is precious. You can see him eyeing poor Clovis's tail.

  18. Clovis and Shelly remind me of my dog and cat...They have such a love/hate realationship! Chasing each other around during the day, but snuggling up with each other at night..
    VERY cute pictures!

  19. Oh, your "babies" are sooo cute! And, I love your blog name!
    Thanks for sharing!


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