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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Succulent Spheres

So we went to the zoo.  
I took photos of the flowers. 
Not the animals. 
Color me weird if you like. 
You can definitely color me sun burned. 
Especially the sclera of my eyes. 
My sunglasses broke immediately upon our entry into the zoo.

I loved the succulent spheres. 
They must weigh a lot. 
The zoo also had hanging baskets with full size hydrangeas in them. 
They are not playing.

Not a funky sphere but a sweet bird feeder topped with succulents.
 The Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia S.C. has a botanical gardens but these succulents were in the zoo itself. We did not make it to the botanical gardens because of the heat.

Joe ,the MINI WEE'S, and I are laying low today.
 We wish you a relaxing and fun holiday if you are in the USA. 
For my Canadian and U.K. friends we wish you a relaxing and fun day too.

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joy and peace


  1. Olive. As I began to color you weird, my crayon broke immediately and I realized that you are awesome and not weird.

  2. those succulents look great. i usually feel sorry for the animals at the zoo, but that life a is all they know, i guess.
    happy fourth! it's gonna be a hot one!

  3. I am staying in. Just too hot out there.

  4. I heart succulents - my front courtyard is full of them, in giant proportion. They look prehistoric! It's only going to be 74 today in my SoCal beach community. We still have a bit of June Gloom hanging around (that's what we call the marine layer). I'd send some to you if I could (:

  5. LOVE those pretty succulents Olive... glad you had a nice time at the zoo... wishing you a Happy 4th of July... it is sooo hot here today, I guess that's where the old saying came from "hotter than the 4th of July"... my garden chores are done for the day and inside now where it is cool... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. I would have taken pictures of them too. So pretty!

  7. I can't do zoo's, myself, but I would have gone to look at those beautiful succulents. Thank you for the pictures.

  8. Succulents are so wonderful .... VERY easy to care for.

  9. The succulents are really beautiful! So hot here, too...I'm hanging out indoors with a stack of magazines!

  10. It is so hot here Olive, I give you a big thumbs up for taking a stroll through the zoo! AND with broken sunglasses. You are a real trooper. Love your photographs of the succulent spheres. You deserve a nice cool and quite place to relax today, after you have some good southern BBQ! Happy Fourth dear friend……..Thanks for letting me know I'm back!

    The French Hutch

  11. How unusual! I love these spheres! They remind me of the 'monkey pods' that you see here in FL. I hope you've had a good day! And your banner looks very good. The one I just made was the easiest one I've ever done using Picmonkey. Hugs!

  12. Happy 4th July to you, Joe and CC - love those succulent spheres.

  13. Those succulents are pretty amazing. Happy 4th!

  14. We have all seen a giraffe or a gorilla but these planters are really beautiful. Glad you shared.

  15. What beautiful succulents. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I have a ton of succulents, but I do not have a huge ball like that! Wow. Would LOVE to know how the heck they pulled that off!!! It's after nine here and the snap, crackle and pops are going off all over the place! Happy Fourth!

  17. I'm becoming more and more charmed by succulents and I love the way the zoo has planted them and displayed them!


  18. Hey....I've come back and pinned this post. I keep showing it to people. Thought I should save the link! lol

  19. You are right - those spheres are ultra cool!!

  20. Olive~ I LOVE those hanging succulent baskets!! Hope you stay cool today :)

  21. I really like the succulents too...our climate is good for them!

  22. The succulent spheres are wonderful. I would have taken pictures of the flowers too instead of the animals. :0)

  23. The succulents are gorgeous. I never thought of putting them in a hanging basket like that. Olive, what a pain to break your sun glasses. I think hot stifling weather is a lot harder to cope with than a bit of rain.

  24. Olive, The succulent sphere is wonderful and I would love to copy it. Thanks for sharing this.

  25. Olive, you have inspired me in regards to my succulents! I especially like the ones on top of the bird feeder. Great pictures. And I color you great! Ann

  26. Oh I love these Olive! I would love to try this myself...another thing to add to 'the list'.
    Take care of your sunburn girl and smather on the screen.


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