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Thursday, July 26, 2012

`field of sunflowers`

Don't you love the sunflower?
 I do.
They can be used in fall and summer decor. 
They feed bees, birds, and us.
What's not to love about these beauties?

Many farmers plant them here in Georgia. 
The heat is getting to these and they are now droopy.

It was delightful taking photos in this large field of sunflowers. 
I was good and did not take any.
Can you imagine the phone call?
 "Joe, I have been arrested for stealing sunflowers."
"Yes, I said sunflowers from a field."
"Can't you get some of those at Publix or Kroger?"

(y'all know I would never steal)

This should be an auto-post while I am on a short
 two day girlie vacation with my friend Fancy. 
I hope my iPhone's camera works well.

joy and peace


  1. I love your sunflower pics! It's fun to see a field of them growing like that. We have a few in my neck of the woods too. I have never had good luck growing them at my own house though.

  2. Girl...should you decide to...ahem...borrow a few, I would gladly pay for a share of your larceny..and your bail!
    I wish I could find seed heads for props at Marburger. Sadly, they burn up here in my area of Texas long before the show.
    Gorgeous photos.
    P.S. Have fun, but not too much. I don't know if I have enough bail money for two of y'all!

  3. I sure hope those sunflowers get a good rain; it would perk them up. They look a bit sad with their heads drooping.

  4. Enjoyed your lovely sunflower photos Olive.

  5. Beautiful sunflowers and beautiful photos!

    Have a great mini vacation.

  6. I guess we all have a soft spot for sunflowers.

  7. Sunflowers are fun! The gold finches love them. The ones we have are volunteers. Planted my the squirrels no doubt. Oh, I remember that my husband planted some too. Last year two of them grew sooooooo tall that they rose far above his hand stretched above his head! They had to be about 20 ft tall! I took pictures with my old time phone and so they are forever stuck in there.

  8. When we were driving to OR we passed miles of fields of sunflowers. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

  9. one of my favorites. very similar to daisies. i love flowers that look like faces waving in the breeze. love! (:

  10. I adore sunflowers...the church of my childhood stood isolated in the midst of fields and pastures. Some years, the field across the highway would be planted to sunflowers - it was always a beautiful sight (and a great photo op).

  11. Such happy flowers!
    Just seeing them bring a smile to my heart!!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Have fun with your friend.

    Smiles :)

  12. How can you not smile when you see a sunflower.

  13. I have never saw so many sunflowers, they aren't grown here as a crop, that must be amazing, I even love the smell of them,

  14. How pretty! We have a field of them just around the corner. I am allergic to the seeds so I won't be taking any!! lol! Hope you are having a fun trip!


  15. Oh don't call the hubs Olive! Call me, I would definitely bail you out (that is---if you share the sunflowers with me : )
    Beautiful photos my friend!!!

  16. Enjoy your two days, Olive! I love sunflowers in any shape or form. They are just joyful. I will never forget the time I came upon a field of them in Charleston, SC. Ann

  17. They are beautiful! Have fun with Fancy!

  18. LOVE sunflowers! Last year there was a big field of them here too. This year they planted corn. Needless to say, the corn is not doing well and doesn't look even remotely beautiful. Thanks for sharing as I certainly missed that field of sunflowers this year!


    "Her" and Romeo

  19. Love those sunflowers. I hope you are having a fun girly time with your friend.

  20. Be Still My Heart~ a whole field of sunflowers! I adore your shot with the busy bees and the one underneath of the closed flower! Enjoy your vacation :)

  21. Sunflowers! They even look happy when they are a little droopy! The bees on the sunflower is an exceptional shot!

  22. I love seeing big fields of makes me think of Italy! Have fun this weekend! Hugs!

  23. Absolutely beautiful pictures of the sun flowers! Love the one from the back too! Laura


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