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Friday, August 13, 2010

Cloudy With a Side Of Stained Glass

I almost never post images in real time. I woke early today with the idea of taking photos of a church two blocks from our old house. It has beautiful gothic arches with plenty of stained glass windows. Guess what? Not one ray of sunshine. Not one. I went any way. The glass is half full side of me knows the day is much cooler because of the heavy cloud cover.tenn. church 010

tenn. church 016

We ride by this lovely church all the time and yet I have never visited it until today. The windows are beautiful. Someone had just mowed the grass and trimmed all the hedges. Sweet.tenn. church 014

tenn. church 018

tenn. church 017

tenn. church 006

tenn. church 020

tenn. church 021

Is not this just a darling church? I love these gothic stained glass windows.  It makes me wonder what the inside looks like. Thanks bunches for joining me on this cloudy Friday in Georgia. As small churches and arched windows are a couple of my favorite things I am linking with Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie for her A Few of Myfav thngs cmbndFavorite Things Saturdays Party

grace surrounds us



  1. Beautiful windows, Olive. It doesn't look overcast at all. You might have gotten a glare if it were any more sunny. Uh oh...that's my glass half empty side! lol!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :-)


  2. What a wonderful old church! Have a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Just gorgeous, so glad you took time today to photograph this. Is that a crown in the top of the stained glass arch? I'd love to see inside too!
    Have a great weekend, girl,

  4. Still beautiful without the sun. What gorgeous architecture. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. LOVE stained glass! Your pics are still beautiful, even without the sun.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. i love the look of this church. i love stained glass windows. our church has them and i admire the work of the artist. when my husband and i were in n.y.c. we went into several chuches to look at the workmanship. You might want to se if the church is open or go to their office and ask permission to look at the church. i can't imagine that you would get a "no" take care. Rose

  7. Amazing! Love the architecture, and I can really appreciate the stained glass! The sun may have actually hindered the glass photos, I think these are great!

  8. Just found you! You have a great sense of humor, your daughter is one year older than mine, your DH is much like mine, and you live in an old house too, oh, and you're a Christian as well.
    Count me in as a follower!

  9. Beautiful photos; I can 'feel' the it!


  10. Beautiful photos, Olive!! You had no need of the sun..these are stunning the gothic arches and stained glass! It is a gem of a find...makes me want to go inside. I'm old enough to remember when churches were always open and accessible..LOL. My hubby and I love to explore old graveyards and pretty churches...


  11. Love seeing beautiful old churches like that. The stained glass is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your photos.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Oh Olive, this is a beautiful little church. Not only are the windows beautiful, but the architecture is so unique and pretty. You got such wonderful photos of it. I wonder when the church was built. I'm so glad you linked this to Favorite Things Saturday. laurie

  13. I LOVE old church architecture and stained glass windows!!!!! You got some pretty amazing photos from the outside!! They must be even more incredible from the inside. Perhaps if you go by following a mass/service on Sunday they would allow you to stop in to take a few pictures. Maybe the priest/pastor even has some historic information he could share with you. Thanks so much for sharing these. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  14. Oh these pictures are all so beatuiful! what stunning windows!

  15. What a beautiful church. And the stained glass windows are just gorgeous!

  16. Lovely windows. Thanks for posting them.

    Laura Goff Parham
    State of the Art, Inc Stained Glass Studio

  17. Hello, Olive,
    What a charming church!! The stained glass windows and gorgeous architecture are perfect. I enjoyed your barn chicks post very much. You found so many picturesque barns and buildings in your area. Thank you for coming by to visit me. Have the happiest of weekends, my friend~Vicki

  18. Hi Olive! It's a gorgeous place! It reminds me of the little church in Laguna Beach where my Husband and I rewed our vows!

  19. I'm always drawn to stained glass, wish I had one. Great post, I'm your new follower, so be sure and come visit me again soon! Sandi

  20. Hi Olive! What a beautiful church, and those windows are exquisite! Have a lovely Sunday.

  21. the combination of the gothic pointed arches, stain glass windows and brick is divine- wonderful images!


  22. Hey, dear friend!
    We are back from
    the beach and it
    seems like such a
    luxury to have internet
    that works for more
    than five minutes!!!
    I loved catching up
    on all of your posts....
    Like you, I'm a big
    fan of old churches,
    and have the photos
    to prove it : ) The
    architecture, the
    gardens, the statuary....
    I find it all immensely
    appealing. Hope that
    you are staying cool
    and enjoying a wonderful
    xx Suzanne

  23. I think that's the prettiest stained glass I have ever seen. Love the colors...

  24. I am new to your wonderful blog and have just become a follower. I have been reading your posts and had to come back to this one to leave my first comment. I adore architecture and stained glass windows and this church appeals on both levels. The stained glass is gorgeous. Thank you for showing these beautiful pictures and I'm so happy to be following along.


I adore your comments. They are like finding unexpected chocolates. olive