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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Look At What We Found In Our Own Backyard

Joe has been working in the back yard of our old house. He has brought out some old house objects that are really cool. I put the pics in warmfly.  I especially like the bathtub in warmfly. You know you are a redneck if…tennille yard 012

tennille yard 015

tennille yard 020

Joe pulled this cypress stump out of the Oconee River while he was rowing a canoe. Good thing he did not fall in the river. It was a true balancing act. He calls it “Mr. Stump.” There are alligators in that river for heavens sake!

tennille yard 023 tennille yard 008

Our back yard at the old house is filled with rusty objects. My future Barn Chicks post for Karen’s link party at Brayton Homestead Interiors September third will feature our outbuildings and spider webs. I know you do not wish to miss it! I will tell you a secret about the bathtub next Friday. Stay tuned.

barn button 3 newww

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  1. The alligators worry me....I will enjoy your cool backyard only in pictures, could never go outside...I have a phobia to any scaly creature without feet at least 12 inches tall!
    I'll be afraid they will hide in the bathtub...don't laugh...I'm serious (pathetically serious!!!)

  2. The heart is all aflutter...I'm going to go check our backyard again...

  3. Bathtubs and alligators....
    Now who would ever think those two words would be in the same story? hahaha


  4. Wow Olive, that is awesome, now that is one incredible find! Okay, I would fall faint dead if I were near an alligator! I'll be waiting for the bathtub secret, I can't wait!

    Have a good one!


  5. Oh what a wonderful old bathtub, and that stump is so neat! Are you going to paint the old chair? Can't wait to see what you do with all of these great objects. laurie

  6. What an interesting and different post. I enjoy seeing something different and unique. Thanks for visiting as well.

  7. Fabulous rust and awesome stump.

    Oh and a truly great husband you got there.

  8. Lovin' the rusty old chair, hope you can do something with it! Off to check out the Barn Chicks...

  9. Hey! That's great stuff! We once retrieved an old footed bathtub very similiar to that one from Cigar Man's parent's farm, refinished it and used it in our home. True story.

  10. I love your rusty bits, and the stump is great! I chortled in amazement at the notion of Joe wresting it onto a canoe..sounds like something my husband would do, all caution thrown to the wind!

    I'm definitely coming back for your pics of the outbuildings and spider webs...


  11. Love that stump and I wish I had the clawfoot tub that we gave away before we built this house. I could kick myself for that.

  12. Oh Olive you crack me up! My husband makes me take pictures of spiders so we'll have to compare spider webs!
    Don't you dare paint that's perfect all rusty!

  13. Now that is MY kinda backyard!
    Mind if I shop your backyard? ;-)

  14. Olive, you have "the eye". That's a good thing though! Love to see what you are going to do with all those things! Bring them on! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Sandi

  15. The rusty tub is my favorite. Can't wait to hear the bathtub secret. Spiders? not my fav. yucky

  16. Oh how I wish we had a clawfoot tub. That stump is interesting...but there's no way I'd want one if alligators were involved.
    Looking forward to your outbuildings and spider webs.

  17. Love the rusty old chair. Your backyard is full of treasures

  18. Miss Olive-
    I love your stuff but what is warmfly?
    I will be emailing you soon with a thought I had.
    Have a great weekend,

  19. Hi Olive,
    Oh, that bathtub, though I wouldn't want to have stumbled onto it in my back yard ;-) is really cool. It has lovely feet on it. And I like the old rusty chair. What a nifty piece to add to the garden with some morning glories climbing it or something.

    Alligators? In your river? Okay. Um... yikes. I think we have it bad when I go outside and I get bit up by some mosquitoes. This puts things in perspective. lol



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