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Thursday, February 28, 2013

T Y P O G R A P H Y On Dishes

You gals know I visited some high end outlets last weekend (see images of Pottery Barn Outlet in my last post). I bought  little as the purpose of the weekend was to see our daughter.  We did drop in on some thrift stores and found two Pottery Barn items. Woot. This "tea" cup was one of the finds. It was fifty cents. CC and Joe have already done one cup intervention. Guess it did not work.

The Pottery Barn coffee canister was two dollars. I will use it for coffee storage by the coffee maker.

"Honey Bunny" is a tea cup I ordered, at Christmas, from One Kings Lane. I ordered a few more for gifts. Crafted by artist Keith Bryner Jones a British ceramic designer. Each of his pieces has a word in a font recalling old type writers.

 On the next post I will show you my dark little coffee station. Prepare to enter the Coffee Cave.

In Olive Out news I am now on tumblr. The link is on my sidebar. I did not need another blog but Pinterest got me interested in tumblr. Where does this stop? Anyhoo, I am stumbling through tumblr.  I will be posting other peoples beautiful images and sometimes mine there. Sprinkled with quotes. This blog needs tons of technical work that I constantly avoid. I prefer fiddling with the pretty images and writing. I need Joe to retire and be my technical assistant. The pay would be awesome. Wink.

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  1. "Honey Bunny" has to be my favourite of these items. It's such a sweet,old-fashioned endearment!

    The effect you used in the last photo is so textural and interesting.


  2. Love it! I like dishes that talk. '-) Glad you found these bargains, Olive. They belong in your coffee station!

  3. your posts..... I opened a Tumblr account ages ago and never could figure it out..maybe I should give it another try.....
    love ya girl,

  4. I love all your typography dishes. What great deals. So cute!


  5. Great that all of the pottery items blend together so well, and I love your clever trickery with the last photo. I have no idea what tumblr is - I do not think I could cope with anything more. Pinterest is just loading photos isn't, I know that people get hooked on it.

  6. I will be watching for your upcoming episode on "Intervention" as who could resist more of those, especially at those prices? tumblr... I've heard of this. Will look, I'm still trying to understand Instagram. Love the effect on that last shot and can't wait to enter the coffee cave. Ann

  7. Love the Honey Bunny cup. My niece tried to get me on tumlr, but so far I have resisted. Like you, I have enough trouble just using the blog I have!

  8. tumlr is new to me, tho I do like Pinterest. I love those china pieces , especially the colour. Hope you had a lovely time meeting up with CC.

  9. These are all so cute but that honey bunny cup, well.... I'm head over heels in love with it's cuteness factor. :))

  10. Now that's a shade of pink I like! You did good. I love to see coffee stations.

  11. Wonder what will happen when you put coffee in the TEA cup? Is Tumblr like Pinterest for photos? I'll have to check it out. Who knows I may have signed up for it and forgot that I did (I do stuff like that all the time).

  12. Those are all fantastic items. Great shopping trip!


  13. Oh you found some wonderful goodies!!! I am not familiar with Tumblr....I will have to check it out now! LOL
    Have a great weekend :o)

  14. Great finds, you lucky thing! Sleep with one eye open...I'm coming to steal that coffee canister!

  15. Wonderful little finds, that match what you have at a great price. Hope you will not need another intervention!


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