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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vintage Postcard

"None but the brave deserve the fair"
Says my lone vintage Valentine's postcard. 
She is giving him the eye and he looks startled. 
The postcard is dated 1959.

It is centered on the dining room table surrounded by hurricanes filled with red candles.

Do tell, any big plans for tonight?

happy valentine's day


  1. Okay, I like vintage cards, but something about those heart faces is creepy! What were people thinking back then?

    Hope you have a sweet-filled day! (in a non-creey sort of way).

    1. I thought the same but I am vintage post card deprived!

  2. You're in the Valentine's spirit now! We have no plans that I know of for Valentine's Day. For as much Valentine's decorating that I do, we really don't celebrate the actual holiday that much.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day, Olive. I love the graphics on that card, but, hmmmm, just a little creepy. lol Hubby and I are just relaxing tonight. Doing nothing is our idea of fun, cause we're always so busy. Maybe a movie.

  4. This is how they did it in 1959, the year of my birth. Perhaps that explains the ominous graphic and text. We have no big plans, we are going to dinner tomorrow night to avoid the heart-bearing masses. Ann

  5. I love vintage cards. Very sweet Olive. Happy Valentines day!

  6. This is darling...well the faces are a little weird. lol! But the thought is sweet!

    No big plans...just hanging with the hubby! :)


  7. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Nope, no plans for tonight, but my husband is planning something for the weekend. I'm very excited!

  8. Hi Olive... cute vintage postcard!... between yours and mine, we have two, I want more!... our plans tonight?... homemade soft~shell tacos and my homemade salsa I put up last Fall... maybe a glass of wine after... just enjoying being home with my sweeties (Jack and Tessy!)... Happy Valentines Day to you and your family, xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Love vintage anything ! Going to my favorite restaurant tonight, a very romantic lodge 5 min. from my home!

  10. Hi Olive. I love vintage cards, but that man heart's face is just a little spooky. I had a lovely card and large box of chocolates from hubby, but I'm actually babysitting this evening for daughter number 2 and her husband , whilst they go out for a meal!

  11. That man's face is a little spooky. As for plans tonight, I'm having the 3rd sleep study test. How sad is that.

  12. No plans here, just staying home and relaxing for a change:) The kids have a 4 day weekend. Cute postcard, Happy Valentines Day Olive!

  13. i love that mustache - to fun. well, i thought i had a plan for my evening. i had made a <3 cake & was waiting on the hubby so i can make his favorite "chicken Alfredo" but then he called & said he will be late so he is bring food. no clue what is in store?? ( :

  14. No plans - just tortellini soup for my sick girl (my youngest is sick) and I bought some apple turnovers for my husband (I bake tons of things but turnovers? -- I don't think I am that good at pastry)

  15. I made us all dinner and now I have collapsed in bed. We are going away tomorrow so it has been crazy trying to get ready. I love that card. I think a lot of men looked like that today.


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